Sweet Lemon Juice

January 2, 2011 § 3 Comments

My lovely neighbour brought over a plastic bag full of citrus limetta (sweet lemons) earlier in the week. At the time I thought they were lemons because they were yellowish-green in colour. I was wondering what I would do with them because I already had a full bottle of lemon juice in fridge. When I was cooking on Friday, I decided to use some fresh lemon in my marinade and sampled some juice before I added it in – luckily so, as it turned out to be very sweet. I should have noticed because the fruits were now a darker shade of yellow, almost leaning towards orange. My friend just clarified that these are actually sweet lemons (and not oranges as I had thought). They typically grow in South East Asia and the Meditteranean regions. I don’t think we get any in South Africa.

I have no electric or manual juicer because our container hasn’t arrived from Sweden yet. I was really craving fresh juice and I didn’t want to waste the fruits, so I squeezed them by hand. That was some serious commitment to vitamin C. My hands were so sore afterwards, but it was well worth it. The juice was so incredibly sweet and delicious that if I bought it, I would have thought it was sweetened.


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