Gayageum Concert

December 31, 2010 § 2 Comments

My fellow Chinese classmate, An Narae, is also a Gayageum artist in South Korea. She is currently in Taipei with a group of Korean artists, performing and teaching students at the local University. She invited us to her solo gayageum concert at the university. The gayageum is a traditional Korean 12 string instrument. An concentrates her work on the “sanjo gayageum”. Sanjo literally means scattered melodies. With the sanjo gayageum, the strings are placed closer together and the instrument is typically of a shorter length,to enable the artist to have better control over it. Mind you, it is not short at all.

Almost full length gayageum


Close up gayageum

So many aspects of the this concert amazed me. An played the instrument for a full 70 minutes, without any break. This requires such intense concentration and upper body strength. The instrument is fairly long and she had to constantly stretch in both directions when pulling at the strings. She also placed the instrument across her lap,over crossed legs. This means that she did not change her sitting position or even move the lower part of her body for the full 70 minutes. Her outfit was so simple, yet so beautiful.

I absolutely loved the little shoes and matching pointy socks. I doubt they will look as good on my much bigger feet.

An belongs to a group called Yeoul in Seoul. There are many videos of this group on YouTube. I particularly liked this one:

I hope you learnt something new today. I most certainly did!


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§ 2 Responses to Gayageum Concert

  • kumoki says:

    Wow. I like it! Sounds a little like ukulele… and she’s so pretty!
    It’s hard to understand Chinese words by roman alphabets by the way.

  • Lilla Snigel says:

    She is so beautiful- and very humble too. Yeh, I know what you mean. The “q” is pronounced “ch” and the “x” is pronounced “sh”, not accurate at all. Miss you – wo de pengyou 😉

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