I love you, Slottskogen

October 18, 2010 § Leave a comment

Since my great trek in February ’09, Slottskogen has been my favourite Gothenburg  place to visit. It is a massive park, with trees, animals, grass, pathways, a pond and some streams.

 It is beautiful in spring when the flowers and grass are brought back to life. It is beautiful in summer the when semi-nude bathers envelope the grass and mjukglass (soft-ice) is at hand to ease the heat. It is beautiful in the winter when the ground is a mass of white fluff that extends for kilometers… And it is beautiful in autumn when the leaves red and brown float in the air, settle on the ground and crunch under pressure.

I love to observe the animals. Especially those that I had not seen before moving to Scandinavia. My favourite is the reindeer. I struggle to comprehend how their not-so-large heads are capable of carrying such heavy-weight antlers. I could watch them for hours if Gothenburg was not so windy/cold/rainy.

Here are some of the pictures I took during different visits:

horses with long hair

Swedish people were impressed by the ostrich - this was no novelty for us South Africans


European elk - resembles a camel

I did not manage getting a single good shot of the reindeers, or maybe I was too busy staring at them to give my camera any notice. I liked this cartoon I found online of a reindeer so lets pretend it is mine. source

That is all for today. See, I didn’t wait too long to post again 🙂


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