Hmmmm.. Mummmmsiggg Lax

October 12, 2010 § 2 Comments

I have so much of French homework to catch up with. I missed the last two classes & I really must prepare for class on Thursday. However, we made delicious dinner tonight & I had to share… Especially considering that this blog has been up for close to 2 months and this is only my second post.

You want to know what I love about fish in Sweden? It is always served with a sauce. That actually goes for steak and meatballs as well. So you’re never eating dry fish or meat.

My husband and I prepared pan-fried salmon (lax in swedish) with asparagus and baby potatoes on the side.. and of course a splash of Hollandaise sauce to accompany the fish and veg. It was delicious, or as the Swedish say “MUMMMMS”

I will try not to wait 2 more months before my next post 🙂


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§ 2 Responses to Hmmmm.. Mummmmsiggg Lax

  • T says:

    this looks amazing! 🙂 i still want to know your recipe for hollandaise k? xx

    • Lilla Snigel says:

      Slight problem. Whenever A makes it, he just googles the recipe & then he forgets which site he got it from. But you should google “low fat holllandaise sauce” because the original can be very heavy – lotsa butter!

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